Bionic shark fan revolves.

Apex of Cooling

AORUS GeForce RTX® 40 Series Graphics Cards

AORUS GeForce RTX® 40 Series Graphics Cards are built to unleash every ounce of the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, with the evolved WINDFORCE presenting new bionic fans and advanced cooling solution for both GPU and VRAMs. Plus, AORUS Graphics Cards reveal your style in either way of RGB lighting or LCD panel. The reinforced durability now promises longer lifespan and better experience.

Apex of cooling. Apex in gaming.

AORUS Graphics Cards Overview

What’s New with GeForce RTX® 40 Series?

RGB HaloLighting
Edge View
GeForce RTX® 40Optimized


Where bio meets tech.

As life forms evolve and adapt to the nature, so do their features improve. That’s how AORUS learns from biology. For AORUS RTX® 40 Series, we introduce a new bionic design that is inspired by one of the most ancient life forms, to the WINDFORCE Cooling System. Enter the realm where biology meets technology.

Cooling, upscaled.

AORUS Bionic shark fan

The sharks’ dermal denticles surrounding their body grant them significant advantages in fluid dynamics. Now AORUS features new Bionic shark fans that reduce noise level with bionic surfacing and increase static pressure with new fan blades.

* Compared to traditional fans at 1800 RPM.

Up to


Pressure Increase

Up to


Noise Reduced

Directly. So fast.

Vapor chamber with composite heat pipes

With direct contact to the GPU, the large copper plate combines the composite heat pipes to efficiently transfer heat generated from the core to the heatsink.


Heat Transfer

Bigger fins. Much cooler.

Heatsink with angular fins

Fine crafted heatsink with massive fins in array enlarges the contact surface, resulting in better cooling capacity. The angular and unequal fins create more space for better airflow channeling.

* Compared to last-gen AORUS GeForce RTX® 3090 Master.

Up to


Surface Increase

The other way around.

Alternate Spinning

Each fan rotates in different direction to the adjacent one. This special mechanism reduces turbulence and increase air pressure by minimizing the offset occurred between airflows.



over heatsink



between fans

Make room for airflow.

Screen Cooling

To create more space for airflow to pass through, the heatsink extends over the PCB and therefore increases the ventilation. This Screen Cooling design provides better heat dissipation.

* Compared to last-gen AORUS GeForce RTX® 3090 Master.

Up to


Ventilation Increase

RGB Reinvented

Pick a Side. Up to You.

GIGABYTE understands that RGB goes beyond outlook, and it’s defined and demonstrated by the user’s personality. That’s why we keep reinventing the RGB Fusion and polish it shine. AORUS RTX® 40 Series Graphics Cards feature a variety of RGB techniques. It’s not just lighting. It’s attitude.​

LCD Edge View

The LCD monitor not only displays information of the graphics card, but also various favorite texts, images and GIFs. You can edit the content via GIGABYTE CONTROL CENTER.


Various GPU and VRAM status such as temperature, clock, usage and fan speed can be selected for real-time monitoring.

Custom Text

Customize your texts and fonts.

Custom Image

Support formats from jpeg, bmp to png. You can crop the image to fit.

Custom Gif

Display your favorite animated GIF.

Chibi Time


RGB Halo

The classic RGB Halo provide excellent visual enjoyment. You can choose any lighting effect or synchronize with other devices via GIGABYTE CONTROL CENTER.

GIGABYTE Control Center

GIGABYTE Control Center (GCC) is a unified software platform across a variety of GIGABYTE products. Every setting or configuration you need is integrated into this one-stop center, with intuitive user experience.

Reinforced Durability

Big in Size. Longer in Life.

As the heatsink expands to dissipate more heat generated by even more powerful GPU, so does the effect of gravity grow. That’s why GIGABYTE focuses on the durability and introduces a series of reinforcement features to AORUS GeForce RTX® 40 Series Graphics Cards. It’s gravity-FREE of trouble.

Anti-sag bracket
up to 5KG​ load-bearing
Bent back plate
Rigidity Enhanced
Double ball-bearing fans
up to 70,000 lifetime by hour