GIGABYTE Advanced Thermal Solution

Traditional heatsink


Single Fin surface area: 520mm2 Increases total heatsink surface area by 300%

Fins-Array II

Single Fin surface area: 898mm2 Louvered fins design to improve airflow and heat

Fins-Array III

Single Fin surface area: 1678mm2 Extended Irregular fins design to increase more surface area​ +900% total heatsink surface area

Fins-Array III

​GIGABYTE new generation Fins-Array III delivers the ultimate thermal performance by using Extended Irregular fins to fill all available space and vastly increases surface area. A piece of Fins-Array III heatsink surface area is larger than 2 full size ATX motherboard PCB, therefore it tremendously boost thermal efficiency and heat exchange performance.

Advanced internal fins construction

  1. 900% bigger surface.
  2. Extended Irregular design used all available space to dissipate heat.

NanoCarbon Coated Fin Array Heatsink

​As CPUs get more powerful, VRM modules get hotter under ultra high performance. Being the first adopters among industry using NanoCarbon as coating material to enhance thermal radiation speed up heat dissipation. Nanocarbon is coated onto the heatsink through electrostatic adhesion. The coating material covers the entire finned heatsink with 200μm in thickness. In that way, heat is dissipated more quickly. The tests show 10% cooler with the NanoCarbon coating.